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Athletic Planning & Goal Setting

Take the steps required to feel confident in any circumstance and gain strategies you need to achieve long-lasting success.

Individual Coaching

Rise above daily distractions to change old patterns into empowering life strategies and tools to help you to achieve your goals.

About Me

My experiences training and showing horses have allowed me to the opportunity to hone extremely effective strategies for goal setting and preparation for succeeding in competition and life.

I am passionate about helping young athletes find the tools they need to stay confident and productive while still having the fun that being a young person should bring.

why work with me?

I have a passion for horses and for helping people succeed. My constant desire to improve has not only kept me engaged in my own training but also led me to study personal growth and how to affect the best kind of change in others. I am particularly interested in helping young people negotiate the pressures of life and strive to be a considerable asset the student as well as his or her parents and teachers. 

In order to have success, you need to get to know yourself and what is important to you. I  work with you to help you get in tune with your true self and strive for the success you are capable of.

Young people are often misunderstood. I have found that I am able to bridge gaps with the current generation, connect with their beliefs and misunderstood limitations to help them overcome common stumbling blocks.

I believe that creating a strong foundation is the secret. Starting early with good practices makes a tremendous difference.

We are always able to catch up and my strategies can be used by all age groups, whether struggling in work, sports, relationships or health.

Giving people the tools to create the life they want is my passion. There is nothing I’d like more than to help you set yourself up for success, one small step at a time!

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