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3 Part Webinar Series. Find More Success and Enjoyment In Your Riding.

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Premium Youth Webinar Recordings that will help young riders make advancements in and outside of horse riding.

Free Online Dressage Equestrian Training Videos

In these videos I share practical knowledge about caring for performance horses. They are set up in a real everyday working environment with real everyday experiences. What you will gain is the principles behind keeping your horses safe and happy.

Happy horses perform best and if we don’t keep them safe there is no performance. Any horse owner will benefit from watching these videos, however, I especially designed them for people who are interested in helping out their trainer in return for riding opportunities. Many trainers need extra help, but do not have time to train people up to the standards of care necessary.

These videos do not give you the experience, which you will need. These videos do give you the knowledge to go into many situations with some understanding of the trainer and horse’s needs and will help prevent overwhelm.

This is an exciting project for me, I hope you benefit from my experience and are able to use this knowledge and benefit your horsemanship skills.