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The recordings below are from Youth Webinars that have been done over the past two years.

There are short excerpts with special tips, and the whole Webinar is available as well.

I believe you will find some useful tools and I would love your feedback as to how they have helped you and what subjects you would like discussed in future webinars.

Please reach out to me at [email protected].

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I have attended/watched several of the Carousel Coaching webinars and training videos – they are outstanding. In addition to being an accomplished horseman with classical training, Nancy has a special skill in her ability to pass on her knowledge with clear and patient explanations. She is able to break down specific skills and help the rider understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ that might be overlooked in a lesson or a clinic. Nancy emphasizes kindness and patience in working with each horse. And she takes things a step further by helping the rider develop confidence and a positive sense of self as a rider and competitor. I highly recommend these webinars and videos to anyone wanting to develop their riding and their relationship with their horse. ~ Meg

I have learned so much from Nancy over the past year and yet I know I have only just scratched the surface on her knowledge and expertise. She is willing to talk about all aspects of the horse and rider and welcomes all questions with enthusiasm. Nancy has opened up such a wonderful opportunity for determined young riders who truly want to grow in dressage. The youth webinars have helped me overcome my feelings towards my horse’s injury and have inspired me to remember why I love the sport! This has allowed me to become an even more committed and determined rider despite my setback! ~ Olivia

Being a participant of the Carousel Dressage Junior Camp was an amazing opportunity for my horse, Puck, and I. We learned so much throughout the week and I have never felt such a strong bond between horse and rider than the one that Puck and I left with. Everyday myself and the other riders got to take complete care of our horse and one of my favorite parts of this was night check at 9:00 and walking down to go feed hay and give our ponies hugs in our pajamas! We had lectures with Nancy every morning at breakfast, at lunch, and at dinner. Through these lectures and watching my friends ride I have left with much more knowledge than I came with and I am so grateful to Nancy for this. I feel that I left with some awesome exercises for Puck and a ton of unforgettable memories. Thank you, Nancy! ~ Emma Zorner