Dressage Training Online that Builds Equestrian Rider Confidence

About Nancy

I have been very lucky to have traveled the world while training for dressage and had the opportunity to study with Top Equestrian Performers at the Elite levels.

Through this experience, I have developed effective strategies for balancing life with, dressage, horses, family, and success in competition as well as finding harmony and happiness in daily life.

I am passionate about helping young dressage riders find the tools they need to stay confident in the show ring while still experiencing the joy that being a young person should bring.

Featured Dressage Training Offerings

Love To Ride

Find more success and enjoyment in your riding. In this 3 part webinar series, Nancy will show you how to find more success and enjoyment in your riding.

Recover From A Catastrophic Accident As Quickly As Possible

One emergency coaching session where I will give you the strength you need to negotiate the emotions involved in a catastrophic accident.

The Love To Ride Journal

A journal for people with a passion for the process.

What Dressage Students Are Saying


I have a passion for horses and helping people succeed. I believe we are all capable of achieving what we set our minds to. My dream is that I can create a bridge between the reason you started riding and the success you want in competition with your horse. I have spent my life building this bridge for myself and it is with great enthusiasm that I pass this information on to you.

My goal is to help you:

  • Map out a blueprint for finding your identity and achieving your dreams
  • Learn strategic planning and goal setting in your athletic life and your personal life
  • Stay grounded at horse shows
  • Learn how to balance your health, work and school obligations, family dynamics and work/life balance
  • Achieve your goals and dreams