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Nancy Lavoie

Horse Trainer | Teacher | Success Strategist

Youth Coaching

Belief in oneself and one’s skills is necessary for a joyful and successful life.

Expected outcomes:

  • Learn strategies to successfully manage time and the pressures of competition
  • Find your focus and drive
  • Learn to stay true to your goals and find your confidence in the show ring

Together we will train the top performer in you. We will work on developing mental focus, find your creativity, build energy, and discipline.

Performance Coaching

We all start riding because of our love for the horses; Nancy helps to keep that love alive as you move into higher levels of training and competition.

Expected outcomes:

  • Map your course to reach training and competition goals

  • Stay connected with your special horse in all circumstances

  • Stay grounded and learn to ignore the outside pressures and noise

  • Find space for your riding and competition goals even with your busy family and work obligations

About Nancy

I have been very lucky to have traveled the world with my horses and had the opportunity to study with Top Performers at the Elite levels. Through this experience, I have developed effective strategies for balancing life with horses and family, success in competition as well as finding harmony and happiness in daily life.

I am passionate about helping young athletes find the tools they need to stay confident in the show ring while still experiencing the joy that being a young person should bring.

“I first met Nancy Lavoie when I was sixteen through her junior dressage camp at Ashby Stock Farm in Ashby Massachusetts. From this time, I have continued to train with Nancy at least every other month. Through this time with Nancy, I have not only developed my riding, but I have also developed my mental awareness. She has influenced my mental state to a more positive and relaxed place. Through different exercises, she has taught me how to slow my mind and control my anxieties. She has created ways to tangibly find a path to achieving my goals.  I have found that she brings out the best in all her students and clients. Each person has something to take away from working with her.”
Remy Sprague

why work with me?

I have a passion for horses and helping people succeed. I believe we are all capable of achieving what we set our minds to. My dream is that I can create a bridge between the reason you started riding and the success you want in competition with your horse. I have spent my life building this bridge for myself and it is with great enthusiasm that I pass this information on to you.

My goal is to help you:

  • Map out a blueprint for finding your identity and achieving your dreams
  • Learn strategic planning and goal setting in your athletic life and your personal life
  • Stay grounded at horse shows
  • Learn how to balance your health, work and school obligations, family dynamics and work/life balance
  • Achieve your goals and dreams

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"I've worked very hard to learn all I can about how to ride, and how to teach people and train horses to move up through the levels. Over the years, I discovered that I could contribute even more by helping people find the right mindset for learning and competition.

Most recently in my career, I have been studying, attending seminars and developing a super program for helping others succeed. I don't imagine I will ever give up training horses, however, expanding my program to include personal and performance coaching has been a truly gratifying experience for me!"

Nancy Lavoie 

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