Work and fun can happen together

A while back I wrote a Blog Post “Do what you love and the money will Follow”, I hope you were able to read it, if not look it up, it is a fun post!

The following are the basic takeaways:

  1. It’s okay to make mistakes
  2. It’s good to have fun even when you are working (work and fun are not mutually exclusive)
  3. Taking care of yourself is necessary, not selfish
  4. Everyone’s path is not the same (we are all working to find our own way)

I had fun with “It’s ok to make mistakes” in that Blog, so let’s dive into “Work and fun can happen together”. For some reason, that I do not understand, we are taught when we are kids that work is a bad word. Children grow into adults believing that the goal is to make enough money so they can retire and not have to work.  But then what? And for heaven’s sake, for most of us how long does that take? How many stories do we hear about unhappy wealthy people? Money is not fulfilling. I believe; money can mean freedom, but freedom from what? What if we design a life where making money and living a fun and fulfilling life go hand in hand?

This might require a shift in perspective, not a big one mind you, just a small shift. If you are able to look at “work” from a different point of view life will be much brighter everyday, waking up will be exciting, the prospect of a new day will be energizing. What if you are a waitress and you have a love of art? Every day you are pushed to a job waiting tables to pay the bills, every day you long to be more involved in art. What if, as a waitress, you go into the restaurant every day and bubble over with your amazing skills? What are you good at? Helping people feel good about themselves? Can you give more compliments? Help lonely people feel seen? Work with your teammates energetically and create a positive work atmosphere that helps everyone do a better job, and in the end benefits the restaurant and your tips? Can you notice people that might have the same interest as you? Find a part-time job in an art gallery, take a class in painting? Go to a new exhibit and meet people that share your passion? Is it possible to work in a restaurant with an owner that shares your passion and lets you participate in new and exciting décor? Could you add decorations as the seasons change? What about creating fun specials or challenges? How can you take your job and make it fun? I know you have been in restaurants where the waitress/waiter was “doing his job”, and I know you have been in restaurants where your server was engaged and creating an experience for you. If you do not want to be a server all your life you must create a vision of the next step and work toward it. However, I believe we do not get to the next step without honing our gifts in our present situation.

What does this mean? I believe opportunities come along for us often. I also believe if we are not working on who we need to be, then the opportunities become problems, create fear and many are passed by because they are misunderstood. What do I mean by this? One example is through the years I have had many difficult horses in training. What I learned from each horse depended a bit on my state of mind at the time. Sometimes it was the owner, not the horse, that taught me the lessons! However, as I look back, I could never be doing what I do now without the difficult horses. Do I wish I had paid more attention to a couple of them? Yes! But thankfully I listened to enough of them that I can ride the horses that I have now. And the best part is, that I have had two of the most difficult, shut down horses of my career this past year and not only am I able to build a connection with and train them, but I am also having fun doing it! Instead of looking at it like “why me?” I am thankful for the opportunity to learn more, be creative and give these horses a chance in the human world. Maybe the horses of the past did not take me to the big show ring, maybe they did not even make me big money, however, applying myself and my special creative talents changed their lives, as they did mine. From those lessons, I am able to do an even better job, create more skill and will be able to make money in the field I love.

So whatever you are doing to “make money” now I want to challenge you to make a small shift in perspective. If you are not happy with your present situation what would make you happy? What is your dream job? Start to imagine it, because if you don’t know what it is you cannot create it. Next, what can you do in your present situation to make it more fun? There is always something! Believe me, doing this will help you build the skills you need to be in your dream job. Enjoy the day.


Be youthful in your approach

Connection is the key

Remember anything is possible

I hope this brings more fun to your life!


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