Many years ago I heard this phrase, I loved the idea, and I truly hoped it was true. I am not one to make my life about working for money and then retire. However, it is interesting how this phrase, no matter how true, it is also misleading.

I have decided that really what we should be taught is; to share what you love and the money will follow.

It would also be helpful is if we were taught that it is okay to make mistakes, it is ok to have fun even when you are working and everyone has their own path. So, give your gifts to the ones who want them and keep moving when you encounter someone that is on a different path.

And the most important thing that is misunderstood as we are growing up is that taking care of ourselves is selfish. How can we help others if we allow our own health to deteriorate? How can we open ourselves to our talents and let them flow through us if we have not nurtured our confidence and identity? I think that time needs to be spent in our lives honing these skills and then everything else will come with less difficulty. Yes, I believe that confidence is a skill. Yes, I believe knowing who you want to be and making decisions based on that person is a very important skill. When we make decisions based on who we want to be then we will not be buffeted around by the opinions of others. This does not mean that we do not care about other people, it just means that we do not alter our path because someone else thinks we are not good enough, it does not serve them or maybe it even threatens their sense of security. There does not have to be an all or nothing attitude, of course, there are times when we have to pause and help someone in need. It is more that we keep our eye on the ball and do not confuse other people’s goals with our own.

Another interesting fact is that when you find what you love and you are willing to share it with others there will be people that want to help you. So, feel free to ask questions, be the learner as well as the teacher. I grew up with the idea that if you had to ask questions that meant you are not good enough. I was taught a value system that ignorant people make mistakes and you are less of a quality person if you need to ask questions or if you make mistakes. I realize now that this is far from the truth. While I do want to work to gain the right information about each subject and pass along the correct information, it is possible that we might make mistakes and this fact should not shut us down. It is also ok to ask people questions, and this is not a sign of ignorance. Actually, one of the most important traits that high performers attribute their success to is the ability to ask the right questions.

It is true, perspective has a lot to do with it. Sometimes we are not sitting in a place where we can see through the window. But I encourage you to gain the perspective that probably someone has felt like you do right this very minute, there has been someone with that problem or asking that question. Try to have the perspective that there is someone out there that would actually love to help you move through that issue and become more productive, fulfilled and ultimately in a position to enjoy your life more.  I believe if you do what you love, share it with others, be brave and confident that your gifts are worth something then for sure the money will follow.

Be Youthful in your approach, know anything is possible, connection is the key!


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