I was listening to an awesome podcast today while driving around doing errands. I feel very grateful for all the time and effort so many generous people out there in podcast land take in sharing their journeys.

This particular podcast was talking about how important it is to find a stillness inside ourselves, using meditation and other various ways to become more grounded. They were just happily discussing various ways to become more in touch with who we really are, how different methods work for different people, then went into how even successful people can be unhappy and unfulfilled.

Here were two grown-up men coming from two completely different points of view sitting down and having a conversation, asking questions and delving deeper into the subject together to find more information. It was very refreshing.

Everyone is trying to find their “inner voice”, a place to go when anxiety rears its head. Even people who outwardly appear to be having it all still struggle to find the peace and joy that comes with expressing themselves. Oprah, Stephen Colbert, Adele, and Michael Phelps have all spoken about their struggles with anxiety.

Where does this leave all of us? I believe that we all need to continue to work to find out who we really are on the inside and bring this person out. The successful people I mentioned above, and many more like them, have insecurities and anxiety about what they are doing, but they overcome their doubts and bring their gift out to others. The gift is the easy part. The fear of not being accepted is the hard part. Which is so unbelievable when you think of who these people are and what they have accomplished.

When we really think about it this way, ask yourself, what am I waiting for? No one is perfect! Find your gift, listen to your inner voice. What would make you feel amazing to do every day and share with others? I imagine that when you think about it this way it feels awesome, for a brief moment, until reality sets in. But, what reality? Who’s reality? Seriously. Ask yourself again, what is your gift? What would make you feel amazing if you could share it with others? This is your life, it is now, take a baby step in that direction…and then another one tomorrow.

I believe that the world will be a better place when you do.

I hope this benefits you in some way,

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